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Source Localization of EEG Signal

Once you have an EEG signal you begin to wonder about the real source of the signals you observe. They have to be born somewhere inside your head, right? But where? Answer to that question would immediately lead to new insights, more question and probably even some answers:

  • You can map brain areas to their functions and see which of them are activated during different types of activity.
  • Use location data as yet another feature in brain data analysis.
  • Combine this piece of information with other data you might have to get a better picture or create informative visualization.

However, problem of source localization is hard. The degree of certainty with which one can claim that the sources he found are indeed the true ones is quite low, bringing us from all above-mentioned candies back to the ground. But that’s not the reason not to try, right?

We had a beautiful course on Computer Graphics and as our project assignment me, Anna Leontjeva and Dmytro Fishman created an application you can see on the picture.

BrainActivity3D works with Emotiv EPOC. In real time it processes the signal, estimates most probable source locations and shows them on interactive 3D model of human brain, providing you with information about most influential electrodes and presumable functions of the brain regions where source of the signal was located in.

See GitHub repository for binaries, source code, documentation and more information about it’s features and our future plans.

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